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to the following for helping make this league a success




Park Station

International Pro-Am Bask. Official's Assoc.



Sport Barclay (since 2016)
Jim Buntin (since 2001)
Eric Thome (since 2009)
Kevin Cable (since 2009)
Mo Munsell (since 2008)
Ryan McCarty (since 2012)
Shelley Russi (since 2014)
Trevor Murphy (since 2016)
Johnny Harryington (since 2011) Cliff Gee (since 2005) Matt Ditty (since 2013)

Michael Hendrix (since 2013)

:  Cory Johnson (since 2017)



Richard Patterson (since 2017)


Jason Alabanza (since 2019)


2016-table crew-looking at everything-BUT the court


Some past table personnel: Willie, Dore, "Text Message" Bill, Reggie, Bing, Bob, Senoj, John Frank, Mort, Charles Wollen : Mort, Senoj, Reggie, Charles, Dov, Arthur, Bing & Dore
Missing: Bob, Bill, John, Robby Yant, Bonta Hill, Tony Bones Davis & Lanita Stallworth


Men's League Rules:
  1. Most Pro rules will be used, including the 24 second shot clock, except for 10 minute quarters, 5 time outs a game with one extra during each overtime. No more than 2 time outs in a row.
  2. The team with the best record wins the league. Playoffs will consist of 1st through 5th place teams with the 1st place team to sit out during the playoff games and then come back to play in a 2 out of 3 championships.
  3. Please have your team at the game site by 7:30pm. Each team member should be dressed in full uniform (no white t-shirts) with shorts and jersey.
  4. You may add or take off any player during the league (no more than 15 players total). A player may switch teams, providing both coaches agree. If a player is traded, it must be done no later than the end of the third week of play.
  5. Any player is eligible for the playoffs and championship games only if he has played in at least 1 game (set foot on the playing court while the clock was running). Up to 3 players who played in the NBA last season may play on any one team. Protests will be dealt with by the League Director.
  6. If two or more teams are tied for any of the first 5 positions at the end of league play, that slot will go to the team that beat the others during league play.
  7. If 3 or more teams are tied for any position and have beaten each other in league play, add and subtract points of teams involved with the highest point team getting the remaining slots.
  8. Please, no hanging on the rims during warm ups and no white t-shirts under uniform. Officials have been advised to watch for, and penalize, unsportsman-like conduct.
  9. Keep your assistant coaches and players on the bench.
  10. Please email me a tentative roster by June 1st.
  11. You are responsible to have your players wear a full set uniform (same color shorts and jersey) with numbers on the front and back. Please be sure you have enough.
  12. Make sure you collect the uniforms after each game or at the end of the season. Also, make sure you and your team members understand they play at their own risk, as league, and its organizers, assiume no liability for any accidents or injury.


Score Table Personnel & Staff
Alley Jones clock/shot clock
Anthony "Bones" Davis music-turn it up OG
Erika Woodson marriage counselor
Ernestine Wilson clock/shot clock
Henry Oyharcabal, D.C. chiropractor
JC Productions-Joe Crittle music
Jeff "Baby Blue" Leu web design
Johnny Lloyd runner-too fast-have not seen him
Lanesha Hargraves on call-we are still calling
Larry Moyer official's observer
Reggie Milligan you name it!
Robby Yant book,when in town
SFPD Park Station security
Tracy McCray guest announcer / book
Willie Eashman Jr. photos-no negatives here
Bing Dionida Table operations